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Newsletter Management

You probably send marketing emails out every week/month/quarter via Mailchimp or some similar email marketing management software.

You probably have been doing this all in-house and are looking at options to outsource your email campaigns.

Or maybe you don’t. You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what is included in our email newsletter management services:

  • Email campaign strategy (what emails should we be sending, to who, how often, when, and why?)
  • Email template refresh (ensure that the campaigns are optimized for delivery)
  • Email campaign creation (copy, images, graphics, call to action)
  • Email campaign reporting (we’ll report on the results within 48 hours)
  • Optional: Facebook ad management (we’ll match your email list with Facebook users, create a campaign based on your email campaign, and advertise to them on Facebook. This ensures you reach the majority of your list, because email campaigns typically reach a small segment of your list, leaving the other 70-80% blind to your messages)

Email Support + Management

Have you ever seen your inbox hit 0, yes I said ZERO! Maybe you need me to monitor your email for important items that need to be flagged for follow up or need your attention immediately? I can help with that!

  • Set up your email management system
  • Create a Workflow process to handle emails. Implement the what if’s. What if there is a complaint, who will handle that? What if there is a inquiry, who will handle that? Do you get email orders, who will handle that.
  • Manage the Workflow process

CRM Set-Up + Management

If you’ve been overwhelmed with client management tasks, it’s time to get your business organized! If you are a service-based entrepreneur, staying productive with a client management system is the way to go. I can help you:

  • Set up your client management system
  • Map, plan, + create workflows for you to easily manage your workload and present an amazing client experience
  • Automate and streamline key areas of your workflow
  • Create branded email templates, pricing guides, and client welcome guides and integrate them in your client process

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