Why A Virtual Assistant Is Right For You!

Why A

Many Virtual Assistants have had professional careers that have given us different skill sets that are incredibly valuable to you and your company. As much as we are different, we all do have something in common; how we work and how valuable we are. Check out my list below to see why you need one!

  • We’re more dependable! Can you imagine being able to hang in your sweats, laying in bed on a sick day and actually getting things done? I can and I have been there! When I worked my 9-5 job (or rather 9a-2a), if I were sick, there was just no way I could pull myself together to look presentable to meet with clients and actually do work. The energy to just even get out the door was too much. That’s probably the best thing about a Virtual Assistant, there aren’t too many excuses of why you’re work can’t be completed. No “my car is broken” “my kid is sick” “I’m too sick” excuses. If we can’t get it done when things are rough we can find time later. Guaranteed. And if there’s a tragedy, many of us have backup plans like subcontractor that can step in at a moments notice on major projects.
  • We’re cheaper! So maybe you think the pricing is a little bit steep when you’re navigating packages and hourly rates. Here’s the silver lining… you’re not paying our 401k, you’re not paying for our healthcare, our vacation or sick pay. You’re not even paying for our electricity or equipment to work for you! It’s worth it!
  • We’re more productive! Studies show that folks who work from home get more done because the flexible schedule increases motivation. Overall, working from home just creates a happier individual because their work-life balance is healthy. Plus, we don’t have commute times!


Source: FlexJobs

  • We work well together! If you need extensive book keeping and possibly someone to take planning events off of your plate… well guess what? You can hire two of us with those skill sets! It’s like creating a Frankenstein Assistant! Okay, so maybe not really, but you can easily have several assistants working on on the tasks that you need to delegate out and although I’m sure there are many people qualified in several areas, I don’t think you’ll find that versified of a person to handle ALL of your needs if you have several. If there’s something I am not able to manage for you, I can definitely recommend some fantastic colleagues that can!
  • We don’t get bogged down by cattiness. Remember the last time that HR had to sort out a fight or Suzy and Beth weren’t speaking to each other? I don’t know of one single VA that has been involved in such matters with their clients’ employees. We don’t get distracted by those things because it’s just not apart of our world. Our work hours are our work hours and if we need some social time, we schedule that where we need to and we definitely do not do it on your time.

If you think you could use someone like me, check out my Services page to see if we would be a match! Or better yet, schedule a one on one call or video chat to discover how well we would work together and how I can help you be more productive and get things done!